Data Science – Introduction

  • date 8th March, 2019 |
  • by Prwatech |

Data Science is the extracting of knowledge directly from data through a process of discovery, analytics and  hypothesis analysis.  It includes working with huge amount of data. The  data can be in the form of both structured and unstructured.

Various process are involved to derive the data from source like extracting of data, cleaning of data, and then converting it into a user desirable format which can be further used information to perform task.

Data Science is a knowledge of various fields which consists of planning, methods, process and extracts the knowledge of the system or idea from the data which is in multiple formats that might be organized or unorganized like Data Mining. Data Science really very useful for managing large sets of data from the huge level of businesses which is using various algorithms and analysis. Essentially Data Science identifies the data insight.

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