Uniform Distribution tutorial

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Uniform Distribution tutorial


Uniform Distribution tutorial, Welcome to the world of statistics and probability uniform distributions in Data science. In the previous section, we have learned about random variables in data science and how it calculates. Now, we will talk about uniform distribution in data science.

Having knowledge of statistical models will be a strong benefit to the Data analyst. Every time we start working on a new dataset, we need to first do exploratory data analysis (EDA) to get characteristics of features. Therefore, if we know with which distributions we are working, it is easy to make a decision about which model is best.

In this tutorial, one can easily learn about different types of uniform distributions that are available with examples. Are you also dreaming to become certified in the Data Science, then stop just dreaming get your advanced Data science course from India’s Leading Data science training institute in Bangalore

What is a Uniform Distribution in Data Science?

Uniform Distribution in data science is defined as a type of probability distribution where sets of outcomes that are nearly equal.
Hence, the graph prepared out the outcome points of Probability Distribution forms a Rectangle kind of shape. Therefore, it is also known as Rectangular Distribution.

Uniform distribution in data science

Types of Uniform Distribution


Discrete Random Uniform Distribution formula

It consists of discrete unique value. In other words, it has distinct variables.


Suppose we throw a die. Let X be the random variable denoting what number is thrown if we throw a die.

P(X = 1) = 1/6
P(X = 2) = 1/6 etc

In fact, P(X = x) = 1/6 for all x between 1 and 6. Hence we have a uniform distribution.

Therefore, the uniform distribution variable is 1/6.


Continuous Random Uniform Distribution formula

continous uniform random distribution formula


How to calculate Uniform Random Variable

Uniform randam variable formula

Uniform Distribution Example

The standard deviation of the uniformly distributed random variable between 1 and 4 is:

Uniform Distribution Tutorial

Therefore, the standard deviation of the uniformly distributed random variable is 0.75.

Hence, in this uniform distribution tutorial, we discussed some important types of uniform distributions and also how to calculate them with real-time examples.

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