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Permutation tutorial


Permutation Tutorial,  Here one can learn how to calculate the permutation in data science with example. Before we proceed, we recommend you to go through the previous blog in this series on the probability distribution tutorial.

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What is permutation?


A Permutation is an arrangement of a number of objects in a definite order taken some.


Why use permutation?


When we need to determine some items from a collection in a particular order then we use Permutation.

Like if we need to find Eight cousins should be accommodated in two 3-bed and one 2-bed room. In how many ways can they be accommodated?


Permutation Formula:


permutation formula


Permutation example:


permutation example


In this Permutation tutorial, we have covered concepts of what is a permutation in data science, permutation formula and how to calculate permutation with examples. This will get you a clear idea about Permutation in Data Science.


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