Adding and removing the disk using Cloud Shell.

  • date 12th March, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


Hardware : GCP

Google Account

We can add and remove the disks using GCP cloud shell also.

Open GCP Console.

Click on Activate cloud shell.

$        gcloud compute disks create [diskname] –size [disk-size] –type [disk-type] –zone [zone-name]

To create disk.

Click on Authorize.

$        gcloud compute instances attach-disk [instance-name] –disk [disk-name]

To Attach the disk.

$        gcloud compute disks resize [disk-name] –size [disk-size]

To resize the disk. Type y for resize.

NB: We can increase the size. But we can’t downgrade it.

$        gcloud compute instances detach-disk [instance-name] –disk=[disk-name]

To detach/remove the disk.

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