Editing Filestore instance

  • date 1st June, 2021 |
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Updating Filestore file share performance

Updating Filestore file share performance in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows users to adjust the performance characteristics of their managed file storage environments to better suit the needs of their workloads. Filestore offers flexible options for scaling performance to accommodate changing demands for throughput and IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second).

To update Filestore file share performance, users can navigate to the Filestore section of the GCP Console and select the desired file share. Within the file share details, users can access the “Edit” option to modify the performance settings.

Users can adjust parameters such as throughput and IOPS to increase or decrease the file share’s performance capacity. These adjustments enable users to optimize performance based on factors such as workload requirements, data access patterns, and budget constraints.

Once created, you can modify a Filestore instance in the following ways:

  • Increase the capacity.
  • Decrease the capacity (High Scale SSD instances only).
  • Change the description.
  • Manage IP-based access control rules.
  • Add or Remove labels.


GCP account

Open Console.

Open Menu > Filestore

Click on the filestore instance

Click edit.

You can give the description of instance or change the previous description.

You can increase or decrease the capacity.

NB : You can decrease the capacity of High Scale SSD instances only

You can change the access control of fileshare instance.

If you want you can add the labels also.

Click Save.



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