Creating an Instance using cloud shell

  • date 11th March, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


Hardware : GCP

Google Account

Another method to create Instance is by using the GCP cloud shell.

Open Cloud Console.

Click on Activate Cloud Shell.

Click on Continue.

Copy the below code into the cloud shell.

$ gcloud compute instances create <machine_name> –boot-disk-size=<disk_size_in_GB> –machine-type=<machine_type>

Specify the “Machine name”, ”size”, “type” . Zone will be selected automatically. Press “y” if you are okay with the selected zone. If not press “n” and choose the zone accordingly.

NB: Machine name should not contain any capital letters or any symbols except hyphen.

After creation press refresh button. It will show the Instance that we created.


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