Creating Filestore instances

  • date 31st May, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


GCP account

High-performance, fully managed file storage.

Open Console.

Open Menu > Filestore > Instances

Click Enable to enable Firestore API

Click on Create Instance

Give the instance ID

Choose the instance type for your needs. Click Compare Instance Types

You can see the comparison of Basic and High scale Instance types

Choose type of storage you want and capacity of storage.

NB : The storage capacity will start from TB

Check the rightside to see the cost estimate.

Choose the region and zone.

Choose the VPC network.

You can choose automatic IP range or Custom IP range

Give the name for file share.

Grand the access to all clients in the VPC network. Click Create

The File Store instance has been created.

Getting Filestore Instance Information

Open the Instance. You can see the details of instances.

Quick Support

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